Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why I Train

People often ask me, "What are you training for?" or "Why are you training so hard?" My first repsonse is typically, "nothing really." and "No reason in particular." After I have cleaned up and re-racked my weights, it usually gets me thinking, "Why do I train?"

The answer consists of several different reasons. I think the first and foremost is because it is something I whole heartedly enjoy. I get butterflies before every single workout. The emotion I feel as I lace up my shoes and chalk up my hands is indescribable. People may not understand this concept. Why get so excited over something that most people consider a chore or just another part of growing up in a vain society. I look at it as a vacation from the normal. I never understood how people could waste time with things like poker or video games, until I realized that, too them, they aren't waisting time. It is a labor of love for them, and the same goes for me.

The second major reason why I train is the simple fact that, in some areas of my life, I love to be pushed. Discovering where my breaking point is, and attempting to surpass that is a hobby for me. It shows what a person is truly made of. The fact that me, and thousands of others push themselves to break day after day and get right back to it after a nice rest day is a true testament to mankind. There comes a point, for me, when I think of myself as a machine, when performance becomes automatic. Pain exits the room and I am left on my own. It is an indescrible feeling.

The third reason is to break free from the norm. The majority of americans find it much easier to sit and watch than too stand and preform. It gives me alot of pride knowing that I am doing this type of stuff. I so desperatley want to grab the hands of those on the couch, to capture the minds of those glued to the television. I feel that everyone has the power and ability to preform. The hard part is breaking them out of their seditary mold, and introducing them to a life of happiness.

This is why I train. Everyday. I am not just training my body. I train my mind as well. I do it so I can handle the tasks of daily life through love, labor and sanity. Why do you train? Or better yet, Why DON"T you train?

Wednesdays Training:

3 Rounds
20 Double Unders
10 Jump Squats
5 LaLanne Pushups
Sampson Stretch, Shoulder Dislocates, Trunk Rotation and other
light stretching.

A1) Back Squat 5-4-3-2-1
A2)Handstand Pushups x4 (too depth)


4 Sets of:
12 Burpees
40 Double Unders
Rest three minutes between each.
1) :51
2) :53
3) 1:02
4) :53

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