Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Gotta Be Fittin Me

There is quite a bit wrong with the fitness industry. In my opinion, any putz with a couple hundred bucks to spare and too much time can set out on a weekend and obtain his "Nationally Accredited" certification. Now, not to discredit myself, because that is just what I did. The difference? ...I actually want to see people succeed, I dont want people to see me succeed.
I am currently working on my second certification online and plan on getting my CrossFit certification after my deployment. All this, not to decorate my wall, but to obtain knowledge and apply it to what I do in and out of the gym.

Alot of the problems arise with too much information being spread around. I often see "trainers" prescribing these exotic and mystical exercises to clients when, frankly, they serve no purpose but to confuse and potentially embarass the client. It's like the whole "pat you're head and rub your're stomach" Why struggle for a minute or two and finally get it when you can pat you're head, and THEN rub your're stomach, therby accomplishing the same task with minimal confusion. Instead you see clients told to balance on a Bosu ball, while squatting and holding a 5lb medicine ball in one hand. Pointless. Just squat, the benefits you'll see from doing that type of movement is VERY miniscule. Hell, in some cases, there are no benefits. Just do the jumping jacks, squats and pushups! Don't overcomplicate you're workouts. Remember, K.I.S.S, or the oft used, Keep It Simple Stupid.

I'm not all negative. The ease of getting certified has it's benefits. More personal trainers means more people in the gym, which of course, is great. But, on the other hand, I could go to church all day, but if I ain't praying, I ain't making progress. I love the well intentions of the people going to the gym, it's sad that they have to put up with inadequate trainers. Don't get me wrong, Some trainers are great. They have inspired countless numbers of people to get in tip top shape and change their lives for the better, but what I see day in and day out in the gyms I visit are jokers, people not worthy enough to bear the certificate they half heartedly earned. People out of shape, talking on phones during sessions, and in some cases NOT USING EQUIPMENT PROPERLY. That's day one material!

Training should be challenging, not because you neurologically cannot make your muslces work in tandem to accomplish a task given my a trainers, but because you physically have to push yourself harder than you may have thought possible.If you're trainer has you doing exercises that seem next to impossible or just awkward in general, pose a simple question, Why? Why am I doing this when I could do a (insert simple exercise here)? What's the point? If he stumbles around for an answer or comes up with an obvious bullshit answer, leave him. Keep it simple.

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