Thursday, June 24, 2010

Globtrotting Day 4

I can't really call it globetrotting when I have been in the same place for three days, but for three days now I have endured the hassles of checking In through security, the cries of babies, the fake and overly polite smiles of stewardesses. And for three days I have returned to Norfolk, VA. Three days and three hotels. Living out of a bag has its advantages, less responsibility and hassle. But the disadvantages are prevalent. No clean clothes and no toiletries.

Basically, it sucks.

Being in VA has taught me a few things. The most important Is that I want to live here when I inevitably leave the military. The simple fact that I have left three times and returned right back to Norfolk should and has been taken as a sign that this Is simply where I belong.

Second, Virginia, bless her heart, has an obesity problem. A large one. Pun intended. I never really saw it living In California because vanity is the norm out west. But being here and seeing the lifestyles makes me want to help.

Third, Virginia is hot! The humid heat permeates through the air and as soon as you step foot outside, you're drenched. I love It for some strange reason. I love the outdoors here as well. So green!

As far as the blog goes. The more I think about it and the more I realize the new direction coalition fitness is going until I get out, the more I want to stray away from posting daily workouts for the masses. Some days a post will be impossible. And missing multiple days would spell disaster. I have decided that, for the time being, I will use this blog as a workout journal. I'll post the workouts I do and the times, loads, round, reps etc. If you still want to follow, by all means, please do. If you want custom programming to get you started, email me.

The workouts ill be doing will be intense and taxing both physically and mentally as I am training for next years sectionals/regional//games.

Until next time!
Cameron Currie

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