Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Record Your Records

Sometimes, for some people, going to the gym is a labor intensive and time consuming ordeal. Yet, most people put in all that hard work and don't write down what they actually accomplish in the gym.

Keeping a detailed record of EVERYTHING you do in the gym can help you in several ways.
It gives you goals, sets you on a course for betterment, provides tangible results as to what weight you lift and what time you achieve on workouts.

This feedback is crucial to pinpoint your weaknesses, enhance your strengths and give yourself some sort of accountability. If you have a personal trainer that doesn't keep a log, get a new trainer. If your trainer does keep a detailed analysis of your efforts and progress get a notebook for yourself. Allowing your personal trainer to be the ONLY person keeping record leaves you at the disposal of the personal trainer. He or she SHOULD show you how to properly track and record all efforts. If they don't, leave that trainer because they are keeping you institutionalized and at the mercy of "the Industry".

Keeping a food log is also a very important step to success, especially if you find yourself ordering that late night pizza, snacking on doritos or drinking alot of beer.

Actually writing down what you eat and looking back at it can sometimes make you feel disgusted with yourself thus leading you to cut out all the shitty foods that we occasionally consume. After writing all your food down you can use websites like www.fitday.com can tally up the total number of calories you consume.

Don't slack and be another accountably source in your quest to become fit.


Rest or walk to walmart and get a journal.

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