Sunday, May 16, 2010

Motivation In a World of Unmotivated

Life got ya down? Work givin' ya the blues? Does The Man have you under his boot?

Get your ass up! Experience life!

While on my travels, I found it VERY easy to just skip or put off workouts and often just found myself sleeping, working and eating, day in and day out. It was terrible. Its times like that where you really need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Motivation is hard to come by sometimes, its understandable. There is alot of depressing stuff that happens in life. Plus, its much easier to just sit down, watch your shoes and go to bed. Wash, rinse and repeat. It's much more challenging, on the other hand, to go out and make life happen, workout and just enjoy the more simple things in life.

You have to really dig deep and ask yourself, "why do this?" For kids? To look great naked? To live longer? To see your grand kids graduate?

Whatever the reason you have to really dig deep down and harness it. Let it be the last breath in your lungs, the last burst of energy in your muscle and the driving factor in pushing you through until the end.

We all have something that burns inside us and can push us to the breaking point. Its up to you to find it and harness it.

5 Rounds:
10 Push Jerks @ 135
Row 350 M

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