Sunday, April 4, 2010

Putting the "Fun" Back in "Functional"

Forget everything you know about fitness. Everything the magazines tell you, all the tidbits your over eager personal trainer tells you, and most certainly all the garbage you watch on the paid programming channels when you can't sleep. Now, how would you work out? What would you do?

Let's face it, most of us can't work out without lacing up our $90 Nikes, finding a matching outfit and preparing our pre, mid and post workout supplements. If only there were some example, some model of fitness that we could use....

There is. Kids. After a recent sprint workout, I ran into a group of kids. I didn't literally run into them, that would be disasterous. I watched these kids. Not in the politically incorrect, creepy way, but the curiously observing way. They were playing. Running, jumping, squating, and sprinting. No flashy barbells, no $300 Ipods. Just bodies in nature. Simplistic. As we get older, we complicate the most basic instinct ingrained in our bodies. Playing.

Today, take a moment to play. See, kids can be more useful than just cheap labor.
Go outside, climb a tree. If it is raining, play in the mud. If your a neat freak, get over it. If you can't, wrestle with your kids. If you have a newborn, be careful. If you have a teenager, go for a run. Teenage/adult wrestling is awkward.


  1. I commend you Cameron on wanting to make this a more fit world...beyond "take this magic pill and lose 20lbs" mind-set. It will take time and dedication on not only your part...but those who join you.

  2. Thank you so much Linda! It's so motivating to have some support in this effort.