Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pick Your Paleo Poison

We're young. Its 2011 baby! We party. For someone on a diet or a strict workout program a night out made up of heavy drinking and shitty eating can completely throw you off. What should you do? Drinking is a HUGE part of socializing and networking. I don't expect anyone to COMPLETELY cut out drinking, although, you should know that you will never get 100 percent optimum results. What should you do? How do you go about drinking while on paleo?

I gave up my saturday night to faithfully fulfill my duties to the 8 people following the blog and try a "paleo friendly" drink. The NorCal Margarita.

It's a simple drink consisting of 2 shots of tequila, the juice from 1 lime(about two table spoons) and a splash of club soda. You can experiment all you want to make the drink accommodate your personal taste. I personally add more club soda.

Robb Wolf, a trainer at CrossFit Norcal, created this deceptively intoxicating drink with some science in mind. The tequila (preferably gold) is just about as close as you can get to paleo. The lime blunts the insulin response of the tequila, and the club soda enhances the absorption rate of the alcohol (a good way to picture it is the bubbles grab the alcohol and increase the rate of absorption in the bloodstream).

It's better drinking through chemistry.

My verdict: After drinking mainly beer, Sailor Jerry's with coke, and various wines, I find the taste a little too plain and way too tart, but I kept going. I had a total of 6-8 shots total (lost count) and felt really good. As it goes with drinking, the more you drink the less you actually taste what your consuming, so I was throwing them back like they were PBR's. Actually, Im drinking one now as I type this. I know what you must be thinking. "What a loser!" Ladies and gentlemen, this is for science. (Definitely 8 shots now....I think) I certainly don't feel full or bloated like beer would do.

It's now 1:45 am, and I am going to bed....with the help of my girlfriend. My advice is to not conduct scientific research with alcohol while alone. You will need help in some way or another. Update on hangover to come...Cheers!

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