Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ehh, What's UP D.o.C: The Dilemma of Contradiction and its Effect on Health

Sounds fancy, huh? Well, I made it up, but there is a growing problem in
America today. It's the abundance of information and the lack of clarity.
We (and by "we" I mean me) at Coalition Fitness are here to sift through
that B.S. The theory basically states: No method is a solid method, each
method can be criticized, improved and negated. In other words, there are a
thousand ways to do one given task, and a thousand different people that
will say their way is better. For example: Deadlifts are the most
important exercise ever. No! Squats engage more muscles! A vegetarian
lifestyle is the best way to live. Wrong! You need meat to properly build
muscle. Burpees suck...well that's just common knowledge and the one
exception to this Law. Think about it. We as Americans spend about 40
billion dollars on diet and weight loss products and services, yet we are
still one of the fattest countries in the world and spend roughly 140
billion on obesity related afflictions. There is something wrong there, and
it's definitely not the lack of information. Everywhere you turn there's
another product or diet that promises incredible results, and FAST! And we
buy into it, like sheep to the flock. The problem is TOO MUCH information.
This blog addresses all the methods that I have seen work in practical
implementations. These are not fads, these are lifestyle changes. This
blog is not a "6 weeks to a beach body" plan, it's a "Obtaining a healthy
and fit LIFEstyle", for good.

So, drop the latest health magazine, put away the ab-roller and log
onto the this blog each and every day. Here, youll find all the information
you need, and the way to avoid the Dilemma of Contradiction is to log onto
to ONLY this website. Simple as that. Problem solved, now join me in a
lifestyle of fitness!

Rest Day

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