Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On The Road Again

Well, I have again neglected everyone who follows my blog. I hope all nine of you forgive me.

I am a travelin' man lately, as I am getting ready for a deployment to Africa then a permanent move to Italy. Should make for an exciting 2010. The frequency of posting should increase quite a bit as soon as things calm down and I get settled in Djibouti.

My bags are unpacked and I am getting settled in for a 1 and a half week training session in Guernsey, WY. Not alot to do, but I am getting a chance to eat decent and squeeze a few workouts in.

One thing I want this blog to consistantly provide is QUALITY. I would rather provide a few articles here and there that are chock full of quality info then push out countless mindless articles about trivial things.

So stick with me. Things are going to pick up and I hope your following right along with it.

In Health and Fitness,


PS: At the very least, I will attempt to post a daily workout to the blog. Fingers crossed!

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