Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Come Here Often?: Flirting and it's Effect on Hormone Level

Good news for guys, bad news for the girls. Flirting has been proven to actually improve health. Researchers out of the University of California tested about 150 guys between the ages of 18 and 24. One third of the group chatted it up with a dude while the rest got the chance to talk to some hot coeds.

The results were amazing. The researchers discovered that a simple conversation with a girl boosted testosterone levels by 14 percent and cortisol by 48 percent. Testosterone is crucial in muscle building and cortisol is associated with stress and well being.

what about the other group, The ones that talked to a guy? Both levels dropped.

This effect, "the mating response" has been well known in the animal kingdom and were curious if the effects would carry over to our species.

So, my advice? Men, start including a chat with a female as part of your warm-up and woman, avoid the the gym.

Run 400 M
25 Situps
Run 400 M
25 Pushups
Run 400 M
25 Squats
Run 400 M
25 Jumping Pullups

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